Oct 23


Mid North Coast NSW Business Chamber has congratulated Mark Brennan on his appointment as the first National Small Business Commissioner.


The NSW Business Chamber has been a strong advocate of Small Business Commissioners having called for a NSW Small Business Commissioner as part of the 10 Big Ideas to Grow NSW campaign in the lead up to the last NSW State Election.


Mr Brennan has previously served as the inaugural Victorian Small Business Commissioner for seven years – the first appointment of a Small Business Commissioner in any Australian jurisdiction.


“The NSW Business Chamber has been a vocal supporter of giving small businesses a friend and advocate in government by appointing independent Small Business Commissioners,” said Kellon Beard, Mid North Coast NSW Business Chamber Regional Manager.


“We have a strong relationship with Yasmin King, the NSW Small Business Commissioner, and we look forward to developing a similar relationship with Mr Brennan as he shapes the role.”


Mr Beard said he was hopeful that Mr Brennan would be a strong advocate for small business and drive a reform agenda to make the Federal Government more responsive to the needs of small business.


“The National Small Business Commissioner should not be a toothless tiger or a tokenistic appointment to demonstrate that the Federal Government cares about small business. Consideration should be given to providing the role with legislative backing to ensure the commissioner can deliver workable solutions to the challenges facing the small business community.”


Mr Beard said the NSW Business Chamber looked forward to working with Mr Brennan on developing policies to combat the increase of red tape, improving harmonisation between Australian jurisdictions and making sure the concerns of small business are fairly and squarely in the sights of the government.



Kellon Beard
Regional Manager

Mid North Coast NSW Business Chamber &

New England North West NSW Business Chamber