Jun 02

Webinar: Getting the right finance structure for your business

Getting the right finance structure for your business – theBankDoctor…
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This webinar is for any owner or manager of a business that relies on a bank to survive and grow.

In this session, you will receive an insiders perspective on what is happening in the banking world and what you can do to achieve the best financing structure of your business.

For many SMEs the bank is your partner you “can’t live with but can’t live without”.  It can be hard work dealing with big institutions like banks and they don’t make it any easier with the frequent change of people either.  But attitudes like “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” does not help in building the optimal financing structure and relationship with your bank.

By participating in the webinar you will understand:

  • The difference between using debt and equity to fund your business
  • What the Big 4 banking oligopolies mean to you
  • If the regional banks are a better bet for SMEs
  • The role non-bank lenders can play
  • If the new breed of online lenders are worth exploring
Presenter Neil Slonim
Date Tuesday 14 June 2016
Time 12pm – 1pm
Location This is an online event and will be available via desktop. 
Cost Members: FREE
Local Chamber member: $15.00
Non-member: $30.00
Please RSVP by selecting either ‘register’ or ‘decline’ below. For any questions please email events@nswbc.com.au.
Registration closes at 5:00pm on Monday 13 June 2016

Please ensure you include your email address upon registration or you will not be able to participate in this Webinar.