Apr 13

Webinar – Proposal writing for maximum value conversion

It is time for business to leverage price in a far more informed and positive way to maximise profit for both themselves and their customers.

This is an age where buyers have become used to being in control of their choices. This webinar will show business how to work within this trend to empower their customers with choice and incentivise them with value.

Explore how to tap into the unspoken portion of your customers or potential customers ‘budget’ that actually represents what the customer can pay providing the building blocks for proposals that increases your value in the eyes of the customer and so reduces their price sensitivity.

Presenter Naomi Cheeseman has worked for over 20 years in sales across retail, professional services, media, industry and construction and this webinar will assist sales and business people confidently present and receive a full and fair price for their work using a value pricing methodology especially in this challenging economy.

The webinar will address the following key points:
Understand customers are not price sensitive they are value conscious
How to empower your customers with choice
How to fix your price and multiply your profits
Naomi will also cover the internal assessment of value; the conversation with the customer; the questions to ask; the risks to mitigate (from the customer’s point of view); options pricing and the rewards of fixing your price.

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